Customizing your shell

It is very common for programmers to tweak and customize their terminal and shell for hours, add or write new plug-ins, all in pursuit of the “perfect environment” and an increase of productivity. In that spirit, this chapter will cover different recommendations of terminal configurations, as well as a deep dive into how to customize your prompt, add colors, experiment with color palettes, for both bash and zsh. We will finally introduce the Oh My Zsh configuration framework.

The shell's building blocks

Something I still find striking after years of using a shell almost daily is how simple yet powerful its building blocks are. Chapter 1 covered commands, I/O streams and pipes. This chapter will cover environment variables, aliases and functions.

My pizza recipe

pizza I've always enjoyed a good looking Neapolitan pizza. You know, the ones with the puffy, slightly burned crust. I have probably baked dozens of them during the last couple of years, but only recently did I become satisfied enough with my recipe to feel comfortable sharing it.

Text processing in the shell

One of the things that makes the shell an invaluable tool is the amount of available text processing commands, and the ability to easily pipe them into each other to build complex text processing workflows. These commands can make it trivial to perform text and data analysis, convert data between different formats, filter lines, etc. This chapter will go over some of the most common and useful text processing commands the shell has to offer, and will demonstrate real-life workflows piping them together.

Discovering the terminal

This chapter will help you take your first steps in the terminal, this almost mythical (The Matrix, anyone?) application we oftentimes imagine hackers type in really fast. We will see how it works and how it can empower you, increase your productivity and give you insights about how your computer works.

How to setup a personal wireguard VPN

This article will provide guidance about how to setup a Wireguard VPN between a server and your phone, allowing you to avoid being snooped on while you travel.

My DIY proposal

My DIY chest I proposed to my girlfriend by building her a Zelda chest and developing an Android application for the occasion.

On letting go

I have been feeling more and more burdened in the recent months. It first wasn't clear to me why I was feeling that way: I'm in the most happy and fulfilling relationship I've ever been in, we just moved to a beautiful apartment we both fell in love with, I'm …

Managing my infra like it's 2019

I recently realized that I was routinely managing thousands of servers and petabytes of data in my daily job, but was still managing my own personal infrastructure like I was living in 1999.


With the advent of configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, and the like, it became easier …

My no-knead bread recipe

bread I've started baking again, and I think I'm really getting nice results. On top of it, they are reproducible! In that post, I'll walk you through my favorite recipe step-by-step.